ECU CAN Interface / Fuel Monitor



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The ECU Monitor reads several parameters (see list below) from the vehicle’s onboard computer that can be integrated with the Syrus devices intelligent event engine.

This data can be used with the Syrus’ flexible and intelligent configuration to define different actions based on thresholds. User-defined events can be triggered to provide valuable reports with extended tag information for different analytic purposes.

The integrity of all data can be received, processed and managed by the platform.



  • Take immediate actions when a check engine alert occurs
  • See how fuel is consumed on your fleet
  • View the engine data that helps analyse the health of your fleet
  • Compare up to 88+ engine parameters with non-engine related data
  • Read J1939/J1708/FMS & OBDII protocols



Vehicle Speed (km/h) Instant fuel consumption (litres/h) Engine’s oil level (%)
Engine’s oil pressure (psi) DM1 diagnostic messages Coolant liquid level (%)
Coolant liquid pressure (psi) Cruise control state Transmission liquid level (%)
Trip distance (km) PTO state Transmission oil temperature (ºC)
Total traveled distance/Odometer (km) Parking break state Total engine usage hours (h)
Throttle pedal position (%) Vehicle’s battery level (V) Service distance (km)
Engine revolutions per minute (rpm) Vehicle’s current fuel level (%) Total fuel used while in idle (litres)
Total time while engine is in idle (h) Total fuel used (litres)  

The data and reports on the vehicle can be viewed through the Platform.  

This device only works with the Syrus 3G.  

This devices comes with an OBDII connector for installation.  

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